Genus: Gymnadenia

Fragrant Orchid

Gymnadenia is a genus of terrestrial orchids containing about 16 species, primarily distributed throughout Europe and Central to Eastern Asia. One species, Gymnadenia conopsea, has been introduced to North America and is found in Connecticut. This genus has two lobed tubers, with several thick roots extending horizontally, or even vertically towards the surface, from the tubers. Gymnadenia orchids produce several stem leaves and an inflorescence of multiple small, resupinate flowers, usually pink or red, occasionally white or yellowish green. The lateral petals and dorsal sepal are connivent and form a hood over the column, and the labellum is spurred. Gymnadenia usually grow in moist fens, meadows, and grasslands.

North American Species in this Genus

  • Gymnadenia conopsea