Genus: Zeuxine

No common name

Zeuxine is a genus of terrestrial orchids native to the tropical regions of the Old World, primarily Asia and Africa. These plants generally have thick fleshy roots with smooth succulent stems. The leaves may be cauline, or spiral along the stem, and are often marked with pale or pink spots or lines. The inflorescence is a terminal spike with numerous, spirally arranged flowers. The resupinate flowers are small and may be partially hidden by floral bracts that are generally longer than the flowers. The concave dorsal sepal and petals are fused and form a hood over the short column while the lateral sepals are distinct and free. The labellum of the flower is usually white.

Plants in this genus are widespread and a single species, Zeuxine strateumatica, has become naturalized on the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the southeast of the U.S.

North American Species in this Genus