Bletia mexicana (Greenm.) Sosa & M.W. Chase

Giant Crested Coral Root , Greenman's Hexalectris

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Accepted Synonyms: Corallorhiza grandiflora, Hexalectris grandiflora, Hexalectris mexicana, Neottia grandiflora

Bletia mexicana, the Giant Crested Coral Root, has a very narrow distribution, growing in Trans-Pecos Texas and the mountains of north and central Mexico. This leafless orchid grows up to 60 cm with a dozen or more vivid pink, widely spaced flowers. The margin of the 3-lobed labellum is edged in pink with a white patch and 5 ridges on the center. This orchid prefers leaf litter and humus of moist woodlands.

Bletia mexicana is considered apparently secure, although its distribution appears to be limited.


Pollinator information for this orchid has not been reported.

Ecosystem Type



Leaf arrangement:
this plant has no leaves
Form of the labellum:
the labellum is not pouch-like
Main color of labellum:
  • crimson
  • pink to red
Nectar spur:
Inflorescence type:
the inflorescence is a raceme
Labellum characteristics:
the labellum is lobed
Labellum length:
14–27 mm
Sepal length:
14–27 mm
Plant height:
10–60 cm
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Native to North America


North American Conservation Status & Distribution

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Conservation and Wetland Status
Global Rank Apparently Secure
US Status N/A
Canadian Status N/A

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