Bletia parva Sosa & Chase

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Accepted Synonym: Hexalectris parviflora

Bletia parva is a recent addition to our flora. Once believed to be restricted to Mexico and Guatemala, extensive field surveys in 2015, combined with a review of the type description, and examination of herbarium specimens, confirmed this orchid's presence in the Dragoon Mountains and Peloncillo Mountains in Arizona. The leafless stems are dull rose-lavender and like other members of this genus, this orchid is myco-heterotrophic. The small flowers are brown-brick red with white side lobes on the lip. The larger central lobe and ridges on the lip are bright purple. This orchid grows in mixed oak/pine woodlands.

The conservation status of Bletia parva has not been reported and surveys continue to determine the distribution of this orchid. Known populations generally consist of relatively few individuals.

Ecosystem Type



Leaf arrangement:
this plant has no leaves
Number of leaves on stem:
Form of the labellum:
the labellum is not pouch-like
Labellum outline:
the labellum is lobed
Main color of labellum:
  • blue to purple
  • white
Nectar spur:
Inflorescence type:
the inflorescence is a raceme
Labellum characteristics:
the labellum is lobed
Labellum length:
12–14 mm
Sepal length:
10–13 mm
Plant height:
13–38 cm
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Native to North America


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