Bletia warnockii (Ames & Correll) Sosa & Chase

Purple Spike Coral Root, Texas Purple Spike

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Accepted Synonym: Hexalectris warnockii

Bletia warnockii, the Texas Purple Spike, is widely scattered in Texas and reaches its northern limit in Arizona and extends its range far to the west in Baja California, Mexico. This leafless orchid has a reddish-purple stem that supports 3-10 flowers of a similar color. The labellum is 3-lobed with heavily veined purple lateral lobes and a central lobe that is mostly white with a purple spot at the apex and ridges that are bright yellow. This orchid grows in the moderate to heavy shade of oak woodlands, often among rocks or near fallen logs.

Bletia warnockii is considered imperiled, although information concerning its distribution is incomplete. Individual plants usually do not bloom in successive years and may remain belowground for several years. It does occur in Big Bend National Park where its habitat is protected.


Pollinator information for this orchid has not been reported.

Ecosystem Type



Leaf arrangement:
this plant has no leaves
Form of the labellum:
the labellum is not pouch-like
Labellum outline:
the labellum is lobed
Main color of labellum:
  • blue to purple
  • pink to red
Nectar spur:
Inflorescence type:
the inflorescence is a raceme
Labellum characteristics:
the labellum is lobed
Labellum length:
4–6 mm
Sepal length:
Up to 19 mm
Plant height:
15–40 cm
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Native to North America


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Global Rank Imperiled
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