Triphora gentianoides (Sw.) Nutt. ex Ames & Schltr.

Gentian Noddingcaps, Least Flowered Triphora

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Accepted Synonyms: Arethusa gentianoides, Pogonia lutea

Triphora gentianoides, commonly known as Gentian Noddingcaps or the Least Flowered Triphora, is found in the West Indies, Central America, northern South America, and southern counties in Florida. This plant has 3-10 brownish green ovate leaves that clasp the stem and an inflorescence of 3-10 whitish yellow, pale green flowers develops in late June through early August. The greenish-white lip is 3 lobed. Triphora gentianoides may occur in gardens, mulched areas, and occasionally in natural areas and there is some question whether this orchid is a native or naturalized species.

Triphora gentianoides is apparently secure. Although found infrequently, it may be abundant where it does occur.


This orchid is autogamous.

Ecosystem Type

Disturbed habitats, forests, woodlands


Leaf arrangement:
Number of leaves on stem:
  • six
  • seven or more
Form of the labellum:
the labellum is not pouch-like
Labellum outline:
the labellum is lobed
Main color of labellum:
  • green to brown
  • white
Nectar spur:
Inflorescence type:
the inflorescence is a raceme
Labellum characteristics:
the labellum is lobed
Labellum length:
10 mm
Sepal length:
6–11 mm
Plant height:
3–20 cm
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Native to North America


North American Conservation Status & Distribution

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Conservation and Wetland Status
Global Rank Apparently Secure
US Status N/A
Canadian Status N/A

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