Genus: Cyrtopodium

Cowhorn Orchid

Cyrtopodiun has 15-30 epiphytic and terrestrial species that are distributed from Florida (two species) and Mexico through Central and South America to Argentina. Pseudobulbs are ovate-fusiform in shape and variable in size among species but most are large and encased in leaves during their first year, hence the common name cigar orchids. Leaves form at the upper end of the pseudobulb, usually have three distinct veins, and are deciduous. Inflorescence length can be three or four feet and they are usually branched with many flowers. The flowers are showy on most species and commonly yellow with reddish spots. Flowers also often have very colorful bracts that look like part of the flower. The sepals usually have wavy margins, and the flowers have a three-lobed lip.

North American Species in this Genus