Platanthera tescamnis Sheviak & W.F. Jenn.

Great Basin Bog Orchid

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Accepted Synonym: Limnorchis tescamnis

Platanthera tescamnis, the Great Basin Bog Orchid, is native to the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin of the western US, where it grows in warmer, dryer habitat than most other orchids in this group. This orchid has 4-9 leaves clustered near the base of the stem and produces a dense spike of many small yellow-green flowers. Often confused with Platanthera sparsiflora, P. tescamnis is distinguished by its small column, the dull greenish-yellow lip longer than the dorsal sepal and a cylindrical spur equaling or exceeding the lip in length. This orchid usually occurs on mesic sites that are well above the water line, such as canyons and at the edge of riparian woodlands and thickets. Suitable sites may promote the development of clumps of tall plants that dominate the local vegetation.

The conservation status for Plantanthera tescamnis has not been evaluated, although it may be extirpated in Arizona.


Pollinator information for this orchid has not been reported.

Ecosystem Type

Floodplains, forests, shrublands or thickets, woodlands


Leaf arrangement:
  • alternate
  • stem
Number of leaves on stem:
  • four
  • five
  • six
Form of the labellum:
the labellum is not pouch-like
Labellum outline:
the labellum is simple
Main color of labellum:
  • green to brown
  • yellow
Nectar spur:
Labellum characteristics:
  • the labellum has a spur
  • the labellum is simple
Labellum length:
4.5–8 mm
Sepal length:
2.7–5 mm
Plant height:
29–126 cm
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Native to North America


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