Genus: Cleistesiopsis

Spreading Pogonia

Cleistesiopsis is a genus of 3 species endemic to eastern North America, formerly included in the genus Cleistes. Although both genera have tubular flowers, Cleistesiopsis species do not produce nectar and attract pollinators by deception. Other morphological and molecular characters have been used to distinguish the North American Cleistesiopsis from species remaining in Cleistes.
Vegetative plants usually have just one or two lanceolate leaves and and flowering stems also have a floral bract. These orchids produce one or two rose-pink to white flowers with pink or purple veins on the labellum. The petals are directed forward forming a distinctive tube with the lip and the olive-green or maroon sepals spread away from the main flower. Members of this genus can reproduce asexually by root shoots, sometimes forming large colonies.

North American Species in this Genus