Genus: Habenaria

Rein Orchids

Habenaria is a large genus of deciduous orchids distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions with centers of diversity in Africa, and Brazil in the New World. Primarily terrestrial with fleshy tubers, these orchids have erect succulent stems with just a few smooth leaves that are arranged as a basal rosette or alternately on the stem. The unbranched inflorescence, a terminal raceme, has white, green or yellowish resupinate flowers that may be fragrant. The petals, which may be deeply lobed, overlap with the dorsal sepal to form a hood over the column. The labellum has a spur and is usually 3-lobed, although the lobes may be short or long and thread-like. The stigma has 2 fleshy outgrowths at the mouth of the spur.

North American Species in this Genus