Glossary: E

Species is listed as Endangered in the indicated New England state.
echinate echinate
Covered with spines like a sea-urchin; usually refers to the texture of a quillwort (Isoetes) megaspore.
eglandular eglandular
Without glands.
elaiosome elaiosome
An oily or fatty appendage on seeds, offering food to dispersers.
ellipsoid ellipsoid
The 3-dimensional equivalent of elliptic: more or less shaped like a stretched sphere (an ellipse), widest in the middle and tapering to each end.
elliptic elliptic
More or less shaped like a stretched circle (an ellipse), widest in the middle and tapering to each end.
elongate elongate
Stretched out lengthwise.
emarginate emarginate
With a small notch at the tip.
embryo embryo
The immature plant inside the seed.
A species in danger of extinction throughout all or a large portion of its range.
A taxon recorded from, and restricted to, only a small geographic area.
endocarp endocarp
Inner portion of a pericarp.
ensiform ensiform
Long and sharp, like a sword.
Epargyreus clarus Epargyreus clarus
Silver Spotted Skipper, photo ©Herman Giethoorn .
Happening or growing only during a short span of time.
A set of closely-spaced bracts outside the actual calyx.
epidermis epidermis
The surface cell layer of a leaf, stem, or root.
epigeal epigeal
On or near the surface of the ground (usually refers to where seeds germinate).
With an inferior ovary.
Attached to the petals.
epiphyte epiphyte
A plant that grows nonparasitically upon another plant.
equator equator
On a sphere (such as a pollen grain or megaspore), the section around the widest part or circumference.
equitant equitant
With the edge of the leaves set toward the stem (as in Iris).
erect erect
Upright; diverging from an axis at an angle of up to 15°, as in leaves or branches that point straight upward.
erose erose
With a ragged edge.
Eudonia lugubralis Eudonia lugubralis
Grass Moth, photo ©Jim Vargo, North American Moth Photographers Group.
Eumorpha achemon Eumorpha achemon
Achemon Sphinx, photo ©Joseph Berger,
Eumorpha labruscae Eumorpha labruscae
Gaudy Sphinx Moth, photo ©Nick Larghi.
Eumorpha pandorus Eumorpha pandorus
Pandorus Sphinx Moth, photo ©Jim Vargo, North American Moth Photographers Group.
Euphyes vestris Euphyes vestris
Dun Skipper, photo ©Mark J. Dreiling.
Eurytides marcellus Eurytides marcellus
Zebra Swallowtail, photo ©Charles T. and John R. Bryson,
With a sporangium two or more cell layers thick, lacking an annulus and stalk (compare leptosporangiate).
Bearing leaves or other organs with chlorophyll throughout the year.
excurrent excurrent
With central rib or axis projecting beyond an organ.
exfoliating exfoliating
exserted exserted
Projecting beyond an enclosing structure.
A species having no living members.
A species not seen for many years, with low likelihood of rediscovery.
extrorse extrorse
Curved outward.