Glossary: I

imbricate imbricate
Overlapping, as shingles on a roof; arrangement of bud scales with the outer/lower ones overlying and partially concealing the inner/upper ones.
imparapinnate imparapinnate
A compound leaf with pairs of leaflets and a single terminal leaflet (compare with parapinnate).
incised incised
Cut deeply into visible lobes (but not quite teeth).
indehiscent indehiscent
Not separating or splitting open at maturity.
indeterminate indeterminate
A structure that develops from the base and continues to elongate or expand throughout the growing season.
indument indument
Outgrowths of the epidermis that are only 1 cell wide (i.e., hairs); a collective term for all of the hairs on a plant or on a plant organ.
Hard, firm.
indusium indusium
A specialzed flap of tissue that covers and protects the sorus in ferns.
inferior ovary inferior ovary
The ovule-bearing organ of a flower that has the other floral parts (calyx, corolla, etc.) attached to its summit.
inflorescence inflorescence
Flower array; arrangement of flowers on a stem.
infructescence infructescence
Arrangement of fruits on a stem.
internode internode
The portion of the stem between two nodes, i.e. where leaves or branches join it.
introrse introrse
Curved inward.
A species noted as rapidly spreading or a noxious weed in the indicated New England state.
To enclose or envelope.
involucral bract involucral bract
One of the many leaf-like bracts that surround the base of the capitulum in Asteraceae; synonym "phyllary".
involucre involucre
A grouping of many involucral bracts, which are modified leaflets that grow at the base of an inflorescence or flower, as in the "cup" of an acorn in members of the oak family (Fagaceae).
involute involute
Rolled inward/upward toward the adaxial surface.