Glossary: W

Absent or nearly so.
Watch List
Actively being monitored to determine its status.
watch list
An uncommon or possibly rare plant taxon, suspected of being in decline, but for which information is lacking.
Wetland Status
Designates a plant species' preference for occurrence in a wetland or upland based on the National Wetland Plant List.
whorled whorled
Referring to the arrangement of a node that bears 3 or more similar organs, such as leaves or flowers (compare with alternate, opposite).
wing wing
A thin, flat projection from the side, top, or back of a structure such as a seed or flower; one of the 2 lateral petals in flowers of the Fabaceae (legume family); one of the 2 large, petaloid sepals in flowers of the Polygalaceae (milkwort family).
winter bud winter bud
The meristem (living undifferentiated cells) of branchlets and leaves during the dormant season; sometimes covered by one or more protective scales.
A forest with an open canopy that allows sunlight to penetrate between the trees, limiting shade.
woody woody
Plants with secondary growth, with stems that thicken each year by adding new tissue. The outermost layer of the main stem consists of a hard, nonliving tissue called bark. The living parts of woody plants, such as the inner bark and buds, remain alive.