Glossary: U

Udea profundalis Udea profundalis
False Celery Leaftier, photo ©John Davis, North American Moth Photographers Group.
An indeterminate inflorescence that has a greatly reduced central axis, such that the flowers appear to originate from the same point, usually resulting in a flat- or round-topped inflorescence, with a sequence of flowering from outside to inside.
umbellet umbellet
A small umbel.
umbo umbo
A raised portion on the visible part of a scale of a seed cone.
Without spines, prickles or thorns.
uncinate uncinate
Hooked at the tip (as in a hair).
undulate undulate
Wavy-margined but without prominent teeth.
unisexual unisexual
A flower that bears only carpels or stamens.
Obligate Upland: plant may occur in wetlands outside of New England, but occurs almost always in non-wetlands in New England (probability > 99%).
Almost never occurs in wetlands.
urceolate urceolate
utricle utricle
A specialize type of achene that is a small, thin-walled, one-seeded, inflated fruit.