Genus: Neottia


Neottia is a genus of terrestrial orchids containing around 25 species distributed across the cool temperate regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. These species produce 2 or rarely 3 stem leaves, and inflorescences of up to 100 small, resupinate flowers which range in color from maroon to tan to yellowish green. The apex of the labellum is generally forked into two distinct lobes.

While some of the European species in this genus are primarily myco-heterotrophic (and therefore have reduced leaves), other species contain chlorophyll and obtain their nutrients through normal photosynthetic processes. Some species were previously classified in the separate genus, Listera, however, since the species lacking chlorophyll seem to have evolved from the original group containing chlorophyll, Listera spp. are now considered combined within the older genus Neottia.

North American Species in this Genus